2020 is the closing year of the Plan for Advancing the Development of Inclusive Finance (2016-2020). In the meantime, it is also the year that marks the decisive victory in poverty alleviation and an enormous pressure of boosting the economy against the backdrop of a global pandemic.


Opening Remarks

Chaired by

  • Duoguang BEI  Co-Chair and President, CAFI


  • Dongrong LI  President, National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA)

  • Guangwei PAN  Secretary of CPC and CEO of China Banking Association, Chief Vice Chairman of Asian Financial Cooperation Association

  • Fei WANG  President of China Micro-Credit Companies Association (CMCA)

Keynote Speech
  • Yuan CHEN  Vice Chairman, 12th NCCPPCC, Chairman, CF40 Executive Council

  • John GLEN  Economic Secretary to the Treasury (EST)

Featured Speech
  • Panshi JIN  CIO of China Construction Bank

Tea Break

◆  Financial Resilience of the Micro and Vulnerable

The Micro and Vulnerable is an integral part of our economy and society. They play a key role in economic growth, entrepreneurship, innovations, employment, culture preservation, and sustainable development. At the same time, however, they are facing numerous challenges due to their own characteristics.

Through discussions of their income, operations and capacity, this session will provide a deep dive into the resilience of the Micro and Vulnerable, reveal root causes of their problems and prescribe proper policy and financial solutions to them.


  • Tim LIU  Managing Director, CAFI


  • Marco MA  Global Vice President, Head of China Strategic Project and Planning, Visa

  • Yong ZHU  Deputy Secretary General of the National Internet Finance 

  • Elisabeth RHYNE  Former Managing Director, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, Academic Advisor, CAFI

  • David PORTEOUS  Founder & Chair of BFA Global, Co-founder & Chair of Digital Frontiers Institute

  • Evelyn STARK  Financial Health Strategy Lead, MetLife Foundation

New Publication Release: The Report on the Development of Finacial Inclusion in China(2020)


  • Duoguang BEI  Co-Chair and President, CAFI


◆  Relief and Adaptability: Effectiveness of Public Policy

Recently, a series of fiscal and financial policy measures have been taken to tackle the problems faced by the Micro and Vulnerable and enhance their capacity-building. In 2020 in particular, in consideration of the global pandemic, trade disputes and manyother challenges, the government has rolled out a variety of innovative public policy programs. The reviews of them, however, differ in terms of their effectiveness. The differences involve whether the policies are well-targeted and straight forward, whether the total amount and structures are reasonable, whether the cross-department collaborations are systematic, etc.

This session will discuss how to improve the effectiveness of public crisis relief programs that aim to aid the Micro and Vulnerable and other stakeholders in maneuvering through the current economic downturn.


  • Yi DING  Senior Advisor, CAFI, Former Chairwoman and CPC Committee Secretary, Huaneng Capital Services Corporation, Ltd.

Featured Speech

  • Xiaohui ZHANG  Dean of PBoC School of Finance, Tsinghua University, Academic Advisor, CAFI


  • Min JI  Director of Counselor's Office, PBoC

  • Shangxi LIU  Secretary of CPC Committee and President of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences

  • Dexu HE, Director, National Academy of Economic Srategy, CASS

  • Qamar SALEEM  Financial Institution Group Asia Pacific Manager, Advisory Services, IFC

Lunch Breach
Featured Speech
  • Muhammad YUNUS  2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank, Academic Advisor, CAFI

  • Esheng CAI  Chairman of the Finance Center for South- South Cooperation(FCSSC)/former Vice Chairman, CBRC

Panel I

FinTech: Innovation and Regulation

The double-bottom line pertaining to inclusive finance is achieved through an approach combining offline personalized services and online customer experience. Digital financial services in particular have made sustainable progress in the recent years and played a key role in combating the pandemic this year. On the other hand, this rapid growth has led to some new issues such as consumer data protection, operational compliance, risk management, regulatory arbitrage and capacity building for regulators. Balancing innovation and risk has become a crucial topic for the high-quality development of digital financial services.

This panel will bring together relevant parties to discuss the innovations and risk management associated with digital financial services, aiming to reach a consensus for shared development.


  • Ben ZHAI  Senior Advisor, CAFI


  • Yuan ZHONG  Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman and Chairman of Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives Union

  • Yong ZHU   Vice Secretary General, National   Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA)

  • Jianguang SHEN  Vice President, JD Group, Chief Economist, JD Digits

  • Alan ZHUO  Vice Presiddent,Didi

  • Xin WANG  Head of Financial Institutions Group, Managing Director, IBD, CICC

Tea Break
Panel II

Challenges and Opportunities: Financial Inclusion on a Global Scale

Due to varied stages of development, inclusive finance has taken different shapes acrossthe globe. As the ancient proverb goes, listen to both sides, you will be enlightened. Our Forum will be joined by representatives from a number of different countries, international financial institutions and foundations. They will share their unique thoughts and challenges. Drawing on their global experiences, we will also be able to identify fresh ideas, directions and strategies to develop China's inclusive finance sector.


  • Duoguang BEI  Co-Chair and President, CAFI


  • Sir Sherard COWPER-COLES KCMG LVO  Vice President, UK Financial Inclusion Commission

  • Denis DUVERNE  Chairman of the Board of Directors, AXA

  • Wim GEERTS  Ambassador of the Netherlands to P.R. China (Beijing)

  • Alan BEEBE  President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China

  • Krishna THACKER   Director, Asia Region, MetLife Foundation

Panel III

Consumer Finance against the Backdrop of the Dual Circular Economy

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and continued trade disputes have added momentum to the deglobalization trend which has become the cornerstone for many national governments in formulating their economic policies. In response to the Dual-Stress Tests in 2020, the Chinese authorities have proposed the Dual-Circulation national strategy, placing a greater emphasis on the domestic economic circulation asthe primary driver of current development. In this context, it has become an increasingly important topic for financial service providers to tap into the huge potential of underserved domestic consumers and provide assistance to improve their financial health.

This session will focus on how finance could support consumption and analyze issues related to policy formulation, direction of public support and key precautions.


  • Xijun ZHAO  Co-President, CAFI

New Publication Release: White Paper on Blue-Collar Workers in Manufacturing: The Impact of the Pandemic and Their Financial Health

Presenter: Xiugen MO  Managing Director, CAFI

Featured Speech

  • Anthony LEE  Founder & CEO for Fujinfu Fintech


  • Jianying LI  Director of Retail Banking, Bank of Beijing

  • Ziwei CAO  Vice President for Strategy, Airstar Digital Technology

  • Jia WANG  Vice President of Lionbridge Group

  • Xunpei YU  Vice President, 58 Finance

Featured Speech
  • Qimiao FAN  Director of Strategy and Operations, Office of the Managing Director for Development, Policy and Partnerships, the World Bank

  • Zhiwu CHEN, Director of Asia Global Institute, Chair Professor of Finance, Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics, University of Hongkong, Academic Advisor, CAFI



  • Mei LU  Senior Advisor, CAFI

Guest Speaker

  • Tianqi SUN  Head of Financial Stability Bureau, PBoC


Discovery and lnnovation: The Outcome, Lesson Learned and Forecast of the National Inclusive Reform Experimental Zone

Lunch Break
High Level Roundtable of Experts&Enlarged Council Meeting of CAFI (Closed-door)

High Level Roundtable of Experts & Enlarged Council Meeting of CAFI (Closed-door)  

◆  The 5th Expanded Council Meeting of CAFI

◆  Between Two Five -Year Plans : The Outcome of China's First Five-Year Plan for Promoting Financial Inclusion and the Forecast of the Second Five -Year Plan

Themed Banquet

Digital Insurance and Rural Revitalization (Invitation Only)



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